Pulsar Krypton 2 XG50 Thermal Clip-On

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Upgrade your rifle scope and experience the world like never before with the Pulsar Krypton 2 XG50. This cutting-edge thermal attachment revolutionizes your daytime scope, transforming it into a powerful thermal imaging scope. Get ready to dominate the night and see clearly in any challenging environment.

Equipped with a high-definition 1920x1080 AMOLED display, the Krypton 2 XG50 delivers exceptional image resolution and sharpness. Every detail will be vividly displayed on the screen, providing you with a clear and immersive viewing experience.

Experience the ultimate in thermal detection with the Krypton 2 XG50's 640x480 <40mK NETD sensitivity thermal imaging sensor. The 12µm pixel pitch ensures exceptional clarity, revealing even the slightest temperature differences, so you never miss a target.

With an incredible 2500-yard detection range, the Krypton 2 XG50 allows you to spot targets from a distance like never before. Gain the advantage and remain undetected as you navigate through vast landscapes and track your prey with precision.

The Krypton 2 XG50 boasts an impressive 11 hours of battery life, ensuring that you can stay in the field longer. Convenient and practical, the Krypton 2 XG50 can be recharged quickly and easily with USB-C quick charge support. Spend less time waiting and more time exploring the great outdoors.

Stay connected and share your thrilling experiences with the Krypton 2 XG50’s integrated Wi-Fi streaming feature. Capture stunning videos and photos in 1024x768 quality with the built-in video and photo suite, and easily stream and share them using the Stream Vision 2 app. With 16GB of built-in memory, you can store countless images and videos directly on your device. Capture and preserve your hunting memories, ensuring they are always within reach.

Tailor your visual experience to your preferences with eight available color palettes. Adapt to different environmental conditions and optimize your vision for maximum effectiveness. While white hot and black hot are the most popular options, the Krypton 2 XG50 boasts a wide variety of other palette options such as red hot, rainbow, ultramarine, violet, red monochrome, and sepia.

Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, the Krypton 2 XG50 features an IPX7 fully waterproof rating and a durable aluminum alloy body. No matter the weather or terrain, this thermal attachment is ready to perform flawlessly. Designed for the most adventurous hunters, the Krypton 2 XG50 operates flawlessly in a wide temperature range from 8.60°F to 251.60°F. Whether you're battling freezing temperatures or extreme heat, this attachment is built to deliver exceptional performance.

The Pulsar Krypton 2 XG50 unlocks a world of possibilities for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Upgrade your daytime scope and embrace the power of thermal vision.


  • 1920x1989 HD AMOLED Display resolution
  • 640x480 <40mK NETD 12μm sensor
  • 3x digital magnification
  • 2500 yard detection range
  • 8 color palettes
  • ISP7 Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • 11 hours of battery life
  • USB-C charging compatible
  • IPX7 waterproof rated
  • Operating temperature 8.60°F to 251.60°F
  • Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Full-featured photo and video recording with WiFi
  • Stream Vision 2 support



Krypton 2 XG50 Spec Sheet

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