Don't have all the funds to pay for the item you want now?  No problem!  Put it on Layaway with just $100 down.  Once your purchase is paid in full we will ship you your item.

  • No extra fees
  • No min order
  • No max order
  • No interest
  • Must make at least a $100 payment each month. Failure to make a monthly payment will result in cancelation of your layaway.  Funds will be transferred to store gift card. 
  • Must be paid off within 6 months. If not paid off within 6 months the funds will be transferred to a store gift card.
  • Payment schedule is flexible: pay as you can or set up automatic payments. 
  • You can change your mind on which unit you want at any time but not on discontinued units. 
  • Specials cannot be put on layaway but you can transfer layaway money to a special.  

Click on picture to pay deposit. 


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