Don't have all the funds to pay for the item you want now?  No problem!  Put it on Layaway with just $100 down.  Once your purchase is paid in full we will ship you your item.

  • No extra fees
  • No min order
  • No max order
  • No interest
  • Must make at least a $100 payment each month. Failure to make a monthly payment will result in cancelation of your layaway.  Funds will be transferred to store gift card. 
  • Must be paid off within 6 months. If not paid off within 6 months the funds will be transferred to a store gift card.
  • Payment schedule is flexible: pay as you can or set up automatic payments. 
  • You can change your mind on which unit you want at any time but not on discontinued units. 
  • Specials cannot be put on layaway but you can transfer layaway money to a special.  

Click on picture to pay deposit. 

Justin Rumley- Sales/ Product Field Tester

.Avid varmint hunter. Started some of the largest varmint hunts in central Texas and still growing. Justin is constantly in the field testing new products. He brings a vast wealth of knowledge to our sales team. Speaking from experience and time behind these optics. Giving a first hand experience when getting you set up with your new set up.

Matt Rogowski- Sales/ Digital Creator

Matt has a passion for the outdoors. Being behind the camera for big time Hunting TV shows like Pigman the Series. Giving him the opportunity to test tons of thermal and night vision optics over the years filming wildlife. Jason has personally worked with Matt for several years. Working side by side on hunting projects to better the night hunting industry.

Shyenne Hicks- Customer Service/Sales

Sheyenne carries the team in providing support and logisitcs for all our customers. Always there to give top notch service to keep our customers coming back. She also gets to sneak out to test new products when she can.


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