For years we used thermal and night vision products to help keep the feral hog population on the family ranch in control. Through this we were exposed to many products and gained a lot of experience in their use and application.

We decided that we wanted to share our knowledge with everyone and now offering thermal and night vision products to our friends and customers.

We strive to provide the best in customer service for the products we offer. We intend to provide review and content on products so you know what you are buying here at Feral Texas Outdoors. We plan to cater to our predator and hog hunters out there and show what products can get the job done. Check us out and lets get you set up with an optic that works for you!


If any issues with our products please contact us or have any questions regarding picking the right product for you.

Phone: 254-300-8524

Store Location:

301 S. Franklin St

Suite B

Holland, TX 76534


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