How the rental works:

  • Rental prices are for 3 days.
  • Day 1 starts on the day you receive it.  
  • Unit must be mailed out on Day 3 with the exception of Sundays and National Holidays it may be shipped the following day.
  • We pay to ship it to you
  • You have to pay for shipping plus insurance to send it back. 
  • There is a hold placed on your card for the amount of the unit you are renting.
  • Once unit is return hold is lifted and the rental fee is charged
  • If you decided to purchase the unit or a similar unit we will waive the rental fee. Purchase must be made within 15 days of rent end date to have fee waived. 
  • The replacement cost of any items lost, stolen, or broken by renter will be added to the rental fee. 

Please call Jessica at 254-300-8524 ext 702 to check availability and to schedule your rental. 

Rental Units with 3 day rate:

AGM Taipan TM15-256 $100

AGM Rattler TS19-256 $150

AGM Rattler TS25-256 $150

AGM Rattler TS25-384 $200

AGM Rattler TS35-384 $200

AGM Varmint TS35-384 $250

AGM Varmint TS50-384 $250

AGM Varmint TS35-640 $300

AGM Varmint TS50-640 $300

AGM Adder TS50-384 $250 *with QD mount only

AGM Adder TS35-640 $300 *with QD mount only

AGM Adder TS50-640 $300 *with QD mount only

AGM Fuzion LRF TS25-384 $200

AGM Fuzion LRF TS35-384 $200

AGM Fuzion LRF TS50-640 $250





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