Autel Robotics EVO II Enterprise Propellers Enterprise Models

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EVO II Enterprise Propellers

Enterprise Propellers are only available on Enterprise series aircraft (EVO II Enterprise V2/V3, 640T Enterprise V2/V3) EVO II Industry Edition uses 1042-inch propellers, EVO II RTK uses 9029-inch propellers, EVO II Industry EVO II RTK can use 9029 propellers, but the battery life will decrease. EVO II RTK cannot use 1042 inch propellers, and the motor load will increase, which will affect flight safety.


  • Precise fit with Autel Robotics EVO II Enterprise Series(EVO II Pro RTK V2/V3, EVO II Enterprise V2/V3, EVO II Dual 640T V2/V3)
  • Convenient folding design
  • Quick-release for speedy prop changes
  • Secure locking feature to keep stable during flight

In The Box:

  • 2 - Clockwise A Propellers
  • 2 - Counter-Clockwise B Propeller

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