Sniper Hog Lights Tail cap with remote wired Eliminator switch

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Tail cap with Remote wired Eliminator switch.

The Eliminator switch has two buttons on it, one button turns the light on at half power(low mode) and the other turns the light on full power(high mode).
Both the buttons can be operated as a pressure switch by pressing part way down and keeping pressure on it and the light will come on without the switch making any noise.
Both the buttons can be also operated as a on/off switch by pressing it all the way in and letting go. You will hear a slight click noise when the button is pushed all the way in.
The wired switch plugs into the tail cap and then screws on so it can't come off by mistake.
This tail cap fits all our 30LR, 38LRX, 50LR, 50LRX, 66LR, 66LRX and Discontinued Destroyer lights. Will not fit our Discontinued Mini-Sniper, Coyote Cannon, 20LRX or Slocker lights.
We are the only ones to have a remote wired switch that you can go directly to low or high mode without cycling through modes. Why is this important, this is important because when you have to cycle through modes it is easy to forget the mode your light was in when you last turned it on, this means you could easily turn your light on at full power when you meant to turn it on low power and it could cause you to spook the animal with too bright of light. Also when you have to cycle through modes you can easily bypass the mode you want and have to cycle back through and during the heat of the moment the last thing you need is to have to worry about what mode you last turned the light on in. With our switch, you simply push the first button for low mode and the next button for high mode, no cycling through modes.
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