infiRay Outdoor HYBRID HYL50W 384 90Hz 3X 50mm Multi-function Thermal - Pre-Order

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This is a PRE-ORDER item.  Orders can not be cancelled or refunded unless manufacturer does not release unit.  Orders will be shipped in order placed.  Estimated ETA for ship date is June 2024.

The HYL50W features a 50 mm germanium lens, a 384x288 sensor, and InfiRay’s MATRIX III image processing algorithm. First introduced as the powerful combination of a thermal weapon sight and a thermal clip-on unit, the HYBRID line-up continues to evolve with specialized models, top-performing sensors, and an advanced feature set designed for technical shooters. The combination of the HYBRID’s low-distortion orthoscopic eyepiece and a 1.03-inch large-format 2560×1920 display provides comfortable viewing, a sharp image, and massive eye relief. The HYBRID also unlocks advanced features such as compatibility with a 1,000 yard laser rangefinder, a custom ballistic reticle generator, wireless remote, and an onboard ballistic solver. This year, the HYBRID family expands with the addition of a 50 mm 90 Hz model (HYL50W), optimized for smooth motion and fast moving targets. “The increase in refresh rate in thermal optics has been a steady journey across the industry,” said Pliny Gale, InfiRay Outdoor Marketing & Communications Manager. “From 9 Hz, to 25, to 50, 60, and now 90 Hz, faster refresh rates mean smoother motion and a more authentic real-time image.

Just like in gaming monitors and FPV drones, a thermal viewer with a faster refresh rate feels snappier and more real-to-life and less like video playback.”

Like the Hybrid 75 (HYH75W), the HYL50W is contained in a magnesium alloy body with a FDE Cerakote finish. The thermal unit includes a recoil-mitigating mount, with the ability to change mounting plates to fit other RICO series mounts (such as the AC03 RQD - a collaboration between iRayUSA and American Defense Manufacturing). Because the 90 Hz refresh rate is faster than the video rates of most social media and streaming services, online content won’t provide the full experience. The best way to feel the effect of a 90 Hz sensor is to visit our retail location and try one out for yourself.

A faster refresh rate means smoother motion and a more life-like viewing experiece. This is especially important when shooting at fast moving targets. The industry has progressed from 9 Hz, to 25, 50, now 60 Hz; we're proud to introduce the first 90 Hz thermal weapon sight to the market. 

  • Sensor Pixel Size:17μm
  • Objective Focal Length:50mm
  • Digital Magnification:8X
  • Objective F#:1.0
  • Objective Diameter:50mm
  • Sensor Frame Rate:50hz / 90hz
  • Detection Range:2000 Yards
  • Optical Magnification:3X
  • Device Technology: Thermal Imaging
  • Onboard Recording: Yes
  • Sensor Resolution: 384×288

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