infiRay Outdoor Bolt TX60C 1024 3X 60mm - Pre-Order

Sale price$6,999.00


These units limited but expected to ship out mid June.

The new BOLT TX60C joins the TH50CV2 and TL35V2 thermal weapon sights in the BOLT family of precision optics.

Similar to the preceding models, the TX60C is designed around a 30mm main body tube for compatibility with standard mounts/rings and to easily fit bolt-action rifles without bolt handle clearance issues that are frequent in “square-body” thermal optics.

The TX60C uses a 1024x1024 thermal Vanadium Oxide (VOx) thermal sensor to produce a high-resolution image. This sensor is paired with a 60 mm objective lens to provide a 3x native (base) magnification. Digital zoom further magnifies the image up to 16x. On the ocular side, the BOLT uses a circular 2560x2560 high-resolution AMOLED display for a sharp picture and a crystal-clear reticle and user interface.

In addition to the superior optics, the TX60C includes several other user-focused features. Like the other BOLT models, the TX60C uses a combination of internal and removal batteries to provide all-night battery life and the ability to “hot swap” the auxiliary battery without powering off the scope. The TL35V2 and TH50CV2 models used an 18500 cell removable battery and accepted an optional extender to accommodate the larger and more common 18650 cell lithium batteries; the TX60C skips the extender and directly fits 18650 button-top batties, which are widely available.

The new BOLT model is compatible with the ILR-1200-1 wireless laser rangefinding module, and includes all the common features of current InfiRay weapon sights include photo/video/audio recording, wifi streaming, wireless file transfer, multiple color palettes and more. Like all InfiRay optics distributed through iRayUSA, the TX60C carries a
five-year transferable warranty with a five-day service turnaround guarantee. “The TH50CV2, is already an impressive thermal weapon sight; the new TX60C takes the platform even further with an impressive high-resolution sensor and larger objective lens,” said Pliny Gale, iRayUSA Director of Marketing. “This combination provides a 3x base magnification allowing hunters to retain more resolution when zooming, compared to other high-resolution models that start at 1.75x or 2x. Our customers love the image provided by our high resolution optics. A native 3x magnification makes that high resolution so much more practical. ”


The TX60C comes with a 30 mm one-piece quick-detach scope mount with dual-locking levers (AC112) to mount the scope on any rifle with a Picatinny rail. The QD design makes it easy to swap out your thermal optic with a day scope, or share one thermal on multiple rifles.



As an evolution from previous BOLT series models, the TX60C can now directly accept common 18650 cell batteries (button-top version) without an extension/adapter. 

Device Technology: Thermal Imaging
Objective Focal Length: 60mm
Sensor Resolution: 1024x1024
Sensor Pixel Size: 12μm
Detection Range: 2700 Yards
Sensor Frame Rate: 50hz
Optical Magnification: 3X
Digital Magnification: 4X, stepped
Objective Diameter: 60mm
Objective F#: 1.0
Onboard Recording: Yes

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