Feirsh CR123 3.7V Lithium Rechargeable Batteries and Battery Charger

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Count: 4 Batteries with charger
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  • SAFETY FIRST: Each CR123A batteries battery is equipped with an integrated fault and heat protection mechanism and promises to offer reliable performance in different environments. Built-in fail-safe circuitry of the charger also prevent over-charging and overheating. Security continuously helps to detect short-circuit, over-charge, over-current, over-voltage, and reverse direction. It passed the UL / CE / FCC / RoHS testing and was made with the highest quality materials.
  • (NOTE: FULLY CHARGE THE BATTERIES BEFORE FIRST USE) Featuring four battery slots, our CR123A charging station gives you the ability to recharge up to 4 rechargeable batteries at a time. With four lights on the charger dock, you can also easily detect reverse-polarity and monitor the progress of the charge for each of the batteries by the four-bar indicator when the batteries are charged. Charge with confidence!
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE: These rechargeable CR123A Lithium-ion Batteries are specifically designed for Arlo Security Cam. Optimization techniques for energy utilization are applied to boost the performance, lasting 21.8% longer than other CR123A batteries. Strengthened loops prevent the battery from quick self-discharging. CR123A batteries can be fully charged up to 550 times. Compared with non-rechargeable batteries, it is a valuable investment that save money in long life using.

Note: When the batteries are in charging, the charger will show 100% on the LED digital screen. When the batteries are full recharged, the charger will show steady green light.

Once a battery charger indicates batteries are fully charged, remove the batteries from the charger and unplug from the wall.

Store batteries in a cool dry location away from direct sunlight or high temperatures. Avoid moisture or condensation. Optimal temps for storing batteries is between 10°C - 30°C. (Not advised to freeze batteries in the fridge.)

Package Included:

4 x 3.7V 800mAh ARLO Rechargeable Battery


8 x 3.7V 800mAh ARLO Rechargeable Battery


1.It is recommended to change the batteries all together and not mix old and new ones – this may affect their lifespan due to the ARLO batteries characteristics. Mixing chargers and batteries could result in unexpected problems.

2.When the batteries are in charging, the charger will show 100% on the LED digital screen. When the batteries are full recharged, the charger will show steady green light.

3.Cycle batteries at least once every 2-6 months to keep them active. ”Cycling” refers to the act of fully charging the batteries and discharging (draining the battery either in device or from your charger if it has that option). Charge batteries to 40% or more before leaving them unused or for long term storage (3-6 months+).

4.Do not use this 3.7V 800mAh ARLO rechargeable battery with any one-time use Lithium ARLO batteries, for example Panasonic or Duracell Lithium ARLO.

5.Be sure to place the device or battery charger on a non-flammable surface during charging. ARLO rechargeable battery may explode or leak if disassembled or dropped into fire.

6.For protection of rechargeable ARLO battery life, a new battery comes with 40%-60% power. Please fully charge all WEGWANG batteries before first using until battery indicator turns green.

7.Disposable (alkaline) batteries are not rechargeable and should never be placed in a charger.

8.Don’t store batteries unused for long periods of time with less than 20% of charge. Because batteries self discharge on their own, storing empty or near empty batteries may cause them to over drain (voltage drops below 1.0V) which can have adverse affects on battery life or completely damaging them.

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