Sniper Hog Lights Dimmer Slide Switch

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Dimmer Slide switch

This dimmer slide switch will plug into and work with all our tail caps that came with the 2 mode wired eliminator switch for all our 30LR, 38LRX, 50LR, 50LRX, 66LR and 66LRX lights. This will not work with our discontinued Destroyer lights or any other lights. If you don't have the tail cap for this dimmer slide switch to plug into, you can add it in the options above for $9.00.

Has it's own on/off button that will allow you to turn the light on/off at any power. This means if you want to set the slide switch at 50% power you can and then you can turn the light off at that power and as long as you don't move the slide switch you can turn it back on at 50% power.

Has a small Red indicator light on it so you can always tell when the light is on. This is especially helpful if your using IR light.

Adjustable Nylon elastic strap for mounting to your weapon and has Velcro on the back to also use to mount to your weapon.

2 year warranty

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