ARGUS A4 Light Weight Night Vision Mount (LWNVG)

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The ARGUS A4 LWNVM is a necessary accessory for individual soldiers to wear night vision devices. Its weight reduction design is a key element in burden alleviation for head-mounted night vision systems. While pursuing the reliability and quality, the A4 LWNVM is quick and easy to operate with single hand, thanks to its ergonomic optimization. The A4 LWNVM also features a safety release function. Once activated, the mount can automatically detach from the helmet base if the external force or g-value exceeds the safety limit, preventing potential entanglement with parachute cords or foreign objects. This enhances the user's safety during activities such as parachuting and running, and reduces the likelihood of neck injuries. The above features reflect ARGUS Technology's design philosophy that prioritizes user safety and the agility of the product.


The lightweight mount is compatible with the following night vision products (including but not limited to):
  • BNVD-31
  • BNVD-1431/MK2
  • BNVD-931
  • PNVG-18
  • NG-31
  • AN/PVS-15
  • AN/PVS-18
  • AN/PVS-31/A/C/K
  • GPNVG-18
  • AN/PSQ-36
  • F-5032
  • NVG-50
  • NVG-40
  • BinoNV
  • BinoNV-C
  • AN/PVS-14
All monocular and binocular accessories that use standard Wilcox dovetails. 

Key Features

Low profile. When folded, it closely adheres to the helmet , reducing the helmet's center of gravity. User friendly. Single-handed operation and adjustment by the user. Safety release feature reduces the risk of neck injuries. Dovetail slot securely locks various night vision devices in place. Compatible with all FAST helmet bases. Dual-axis adjustment and locking design accommodates different ocular distances as well as various gas mask, protective goggles. Ensuring precise return to the adjusted near-eye position after multiple folds and unfolds. 
  • Weight: Not more than 140 grams.
  • Dimensions (Expanded: Length * Width * Height): 89mm * 66mm * 98mm.
  • Dimensions (Folded: Length * Width * Height): 54mm * 66mm * 88mm.
  • Horizontal adjustment range: Not less than 33mm.
  • Vertical adjustment range: Not less than 13.7mm.
  • Tilt adjustment range: Not less than 15 degrees.
  • Up and down flip angle range: Not less than 140 degrees.
  • Material: High-strength aerospace aluminum alloy.
  • Surface treatment: Military specification hard anodized with matte black fiber-reinforced polymer.
  • Color: Black or desert tan.

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