Sniper Hog Lights 50LRX Flashlight 1 - 4 colors

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Color: Red
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We now have new Turbo IR 850nm and 940nm modules.

Please click here for the differences between the normal IR and Turbo IR.


50LRX Flashlight with 1-4 colors

This package comes with
1 - 50LRX Flashlight with HEAVY duty lanyard
1 - LED module in your choice of color. The color of the LED module determines the color of light your light will emit.
1 - Lens cover to protect the lens when not in use.
Does not include 18650 batteries and charger but you can add them in the options above for $35.00. You also add the Light handle, Predator Pro Mount, Dimmer tail cap, Case and other LED module colors so you can change the color the light emits.

Please click here to see how far each color shines

Adjustable focus so you can go from a flood beam all the way to a spot beam.
Fast focus from full flood beam to spot beam in only 3/4 turn of the head.
Interchangeable LED modules so you can change the color of your light.
Fully interchangeable with our 38LRX and 66LRX lights so you can easily convert your 50LRX to our 38LRX or 66LRX by buying the 38LRX or 66LRX head.

Techinical Specs

Made out of Aircraft grade aluminum and hard anodized to resist scratching.
Weighs about 14 ounces with battery
About 2.75 inches across the head with a 1 inch tube.
About 6.75 inches long when in full flood beam and 7.25 inches long in spot beam.
Lumens: Red = 280, Green = 300, White = 400.

Run times: Red, Green and white = 2 hours at full power with very little dimming over that 2 hours and then another 30 minutes with the light dimming over that last 30 minutes. IR = 1 hour at full power with very little dimming and then another 1.5 hours with the light slowly dimming over that time.

Please note that basically non of our competitors will tell how much their lights dim during the run time they list. They will only tell you the total run time. WE have tested most of our top competitors lights and all of them dim more to way more then our lights. In fact we just tested one of our competitors lights that claim a 1 hour and 50 minuted run time but after just 30 minutes of running, it dimmed over 200 yards while our light only dimmed 6 yards and after 1 hour and 7 minutes their light dimmed over 400 yards and our light actually shined 7 yards further then when it started.

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