N-Vision Halo LR 50mm

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Ultra High Performance Thermal Scopes

Region of Interest (ROI) Optimization
Experience enhanced imaging at your point of aim with our ROI Optimization

12µm Thermal Sensor with 60Hz Refresh Rate
Experience a smaller, lighter thermal scope with extended range and enhanced image

Multiple Reticle Options
Choose from 8 reticle types and save multiple zeros

4 Advanced Polarity Modes
Choose from White Hot/Black Hot/White Edge/Black Edge Detect to achieve optimal contrast

Downloadable Photo and Video
Record your HALO experience through full digital photo and video



Detector Resolution 640 x 480
Detector Pitch 12µm
Lens 50  F1.2 Germanium Lens
Spectral Response 7.5 – 13.5µm
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Image Capture Internal Memory
Field of View 9 x 7 degrees (HALO-LR)
Detection Range 2020yd (HALO-LR)
Waterproof Rating IP67
Batteries CR123 (4)
Video Output USB and Analog