Monocular Single Bridge Mount for Sionyx nightcams, FLIR Breach, and AGM Taipan & ASP Micro

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Modular and Adaptable Bridge Mount System for a Single AGM Taipan Thermal

Lightweight monocular mount system for a single AGM Taipan Thermal setup.

1. Modular and Adaptable Arms (mounting plates for Sionyx nightcams, FLIR Breach, and AGM Taipan)
2. Folding Arms - Each arm can be independently folded/pivot 110 degrees to the side, away from line of sight
3. Lightweight and Strong - 3D printed with carbon-fiber reinforced PETG and Nylon. Rail screws and rods are stainless steel.
4. Adjustable Pupillary Distance - Easy tool-less adjustment range of 62.5mm - 80mm

1. Monocular Single Mount System (camera, dovetail helmet mount and helmet are NOT included)
2. Extra Carbon-fiber Nylon Dovetail shoe
3. Hex keys


Monocular setup allow for quicker lighter setups. Our folding arm can independently fold up 110 degrees, out of the line sight. The arm can be folded away, protecting the device from various obstacles as well as keeping the center of gravity towards the back, improving operator comfort.

These have been tested with various mounts from Wilcox, Norotos and clones like the L4G24 on bump and ballistic FAST/ACH/MICH helmets. Metal Wilcox dovetail shoe (not included), such as the 14003G01 or similar may be substituted for added strength. 

Kits are printed using ultra-strong Carbon Fiber infused PETG plastic in high-end prosumer grade printers. CFPETG plastic is impact resistant, temperature resistant and chemical resistant. Our eyecups are 3D printed with soft TPU. Guide rods (stainless steel) and screw utilize metal-on-metal bearings/bushings for a lifetime of service. Dovetails are printed with Carbon Fiber infused NYLON, for more strength and durability.

Bridge Weight: 5oz
Pupillary Distance (PD): 62.5mm - 82mm

AGM Taipan / Asp-Micro TM384 TM160