IR Hunter MK III 60mm 4.5X-35X

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  • Device Technology:Thermal Imaging
  • Sensor Resolution:640x480
  • Sensor Pixel Size:12 Micron
  • Sensor Frame Rate:60hz
  • Objective F#:1.2
  • Objective Focal Length:60mm
  • Optical Magnification:4.5X
  • Digital Magnification:8X
  • Warranty:
    • 3-Years
    • Lifetime on Optic


  • 640x480 BAE MicroIR Thermal Core
  • 12 Micron Technology
  • Emagin OLED Display
  • 60hz Fast Frame Rate
  • 40% power savings for longer battery life
  • Stadiametric Rangefinder
  • 5 Reticle Patterns
  • Reticle Position ReadOuts
  • Multiple Reticle Save Locations
  • Battery Extender
  • Flip-Up Lens Cap
  • Dual Lever LaRue Mount
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Recoil Rated to .308

Sensor Specifications

  • Device Technology:Thermal Imaging
  • Sensor Resolution:640x480
  • Sensor Pixel Size:12 Micron
  • Sensor Frame Rate:60hz
  • Thermal Sensitivity:<50mk
  • Spectral Response:8-12 Microns

Lens Specifications

  • Optical Magnification:4.5X
  • Digital Magnification:8X
  • Objective Lens Material:Umicore GASIR
  • Housing Material:7000 series Aluminum/ABS
  • Materials:Aluminum/ABS/Steel/Copper/Glass/Germanium
  • Objective Focal Length:60mm
  • Objective F#:1.2
  • Focusing Mechanism:Fixed
  • Horizontal Angular Field of View:7
  • Detection Range:2500
  • Eyepiece Focal Length:27mm
  • Eye Relief:27mm
  • Exit Pupil:14mm
  • Diopter Range:-6 to +2
  • Connector Type:9 Pin Fischer
  • Connector Output:Video/USB
  • Reticle:5
  • Startup Time:Under 5 Seconds

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature Range:-40C/-40F to +55C/131F
  • Storage Temperature Range:-45C/-49F to +75C/167F
  • Power Source:2 or 3 CR123A Lithium
  • Run Time:3-6HRs


  • Length in/mm:7.6 in / 193.04 mm
  • Width in/mm:3.3 /84
  • Height in/mm:3.1. in / 79 mm
  • Weight lb/gr:1.32 lbs / 37 oz / 1050 g


  • Display Type:eMagin OLED
  • Video Output:Analog RS-170/NTSC
  • Image Capture:100 640x480 JPEG/BMP
  • Onboard Recording:No
  • Bluetooth:No
  • Wifi:No
  • Warranty:
    • 3-Years
    • Lifetime on Optic
  • Recoil Rating:.308 WIN
  • Country of Manufacture:USA

The IR Hunter line of thermal weapon sights are designed and built by an American company comprised of industry experts, shooting enthusiasts, and technicians obsessed with high quality thermal imagery.The IR Hunter MK III by IR defense is a direct response to customer feedback and requests to enhance the incredibly popular IR Hunter MK II. The IR Hunter MK III features a new stadiametric RangeFinder, more reticle options, multiple savable reticle locations with x/y ReadOuts, come standard with the battery extender, a dual-lever LaRue mount and flip-up lens cap. The IR Hunter can be set to 30hz or 60hz, has a built in auto-dimmer, image capture, edge detect mode and more. The BAE 12 micron imagery is truly amazing and produces some of the most crisp thermal images every seen on the commercial market. The MK II also has dynamic reticles so they keep proper ballistic calculations on every zoom level. If you are interested in recording thermal video for your IR Hunter we have ruggedized custom made video cables designed just for the MK II. We offer IR Hunter rentals to try before you buy and have a variety of IR Hunter MK II videos for pre-purchase evaluation.


  • LaRue Dual Level Mount
  • Flip-Up Lens Cap
  • Eyeguard
  • Tactical Soft Case
  • QRG Guide
  • Download Cable/Software
  • Battery Extender
  • 2 - CR123A Batteries

IR Hunter MK III includes all of the features on the MK II plus:

  • Stadiametric Rangefinder
  • 5 Reticle Patterns
  • Reticle Position ReadOuts
  • Multiple Reticle Save Locations
  • Battery Extender
  • Flip-Up Lens Cap
  • Dual Lever LaRue Mount

Stadiametric Rangefinder

The IR Hunter MK III's stadiametric rangefinder uses a system of reticle lines with adjustable angular spacing to quickly and easily dial in on a target's distance. The MK III's stadiametric rangefinding system allows you to select your target's height or width then adjust a set of reticle bars to contain your target's height or width. The MK III will then give you a corresponding distance readout. Stadiametric rangefinding is widely used in long-range military sniping and is faster than laser range-finding techniques. Electronic laser rangefinders can also give away a shooters position, but a stadiametric rangefinding system is completely covert.
Image Capture
The MK III has an image capture function that allows a user to capture a full-frame image from the 12 micron BAE core. When downloaded these images do not include the icons seen through the eye piece of a MK III, but they do give a great representation of the true image quality seen through the eye piece.


Reticle Position ReadOuts

Each X/Y location will give you a simple X and Y value for as many locations as you need. This means that you can set up a MK III on as many weapon systems as you want and always maintain a return to zero.

Edge Detect Mode
The IR Hunter MK III has an Edge Detection feature that produces an entirely different new way of viewing your target. Edge Detect mode is also a fraction of the brightness of other modes so your eyes are not as prone to night blindness after coming off the scope.

MAXPOL Polarity - White Hot/Black Hot
Most thermal weapon sights come with only one level of white hot and black hot. Some come with color pallets, but the majority of users find themselves using black hot and white hot exclusively. Rather than giving you color pallets that you will most likely never use, IR Defense designed the IR Hunter with 3 levels of white hot, and 3 levels of black hot. This allows you to choose the perfect level of polarity in the white hot or black hot modes for any situation.


ETR - Enhanced Target Recognition
The IR Hunter features an extremely benefitial technology called Enhanced Target Recognition, or ETR. Most thermal systems auto adjust the image contrast and brightness across the entire display screen. This can lead to washed out image around the crosshair or for a majority of the display area. ETR selects the are on the display to adjust leaving you with a perfectly adjusted image.

DFC - Digital Focus Control
Digital focus control allows you to not only focus your picture to the optimum setting, but it also allows sharpening of the entire picture. This technology will make a 320x240 appear more like a 640x480. For a detailed look at what DFC can do to image quality look at the image below. This image is raw, unedited, and is not a simulation

Edge Detect - Tactical Mode
There are certain tactical situations that require your display to me very dim so as not to be detected, and to reduce night blindness after coming off of your eye piece. The IR Hunter MK III has an advanced feature that has been used on certain high end military thermal sights for years. Edge Detect gives you an entirely different way to view your target, with 90% of the screen black, and only the edges surrounding your target white. This is an extremely useful feature and is not found on any other commercially available thermal weapon sights.

IR Hunter Menu Operation
The IR Hunter MK III has 3 turret controls that operate the menu levels and functions. The turret controls operate the menu icons corresponding to their location(top turret operates the top menu icons etc).
The menu levels are numbered from 1-8 and each level has different functions.
Level 1 controls the 6 polarity settings, edge detect and digital zoom.
Level 2 controls contrast and digital focus control(DFC).
Level 3 controls calibration and brightness.
Level 4 controls reticle selection and adjusts the rangefinder.
Level 5 controls windage and elevation adjustments,
Level 6 controls image capture and Enhanced Target Recognition(ETR)
Level 7 allows you to review captured images.
Level 8 controls the reticle lock, framerate(30hz or 60hz), video output, symbol sleep mode, startup settings, battery settings,display auto dimmer, deleting captured images, reticle location(A.B,C,D) and horizontal and vertical rangefinder units.

Video Output
The IR Hunter features a high end mil-spec Fischer connector. This connector costs much more than connectors on competing scopes, but IR Defense decided to choose a video connection option that will last under harsh environments and years of abuse. Video cables and connector quality is very important both in tactical and hunting/recreational situation. One flaw in a cable can leave you wishing you had your kill shot on video. We have a high quality custom video cable for the IR Hunter MK III that connects the MK III directly to a mini DVR. These cables are rugged and built to last.