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Elusive Wildlife BUCK OIL™ Deer Attractant

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BUCK OIL™ Deer Attractant 

Deer live and die by their noses! Elusive Wildlife's new BUCK OIL is formulated to create a highly attractive, palatable aroma that deer just can't resist! Easy to use, simply pour BUCK OIL on corn, stumps, logs, virtually anything a deer may eat, lick or rub on. Attracts all species of deer and keeps them coming back!


  • Liquid deer attractant
  • Thick, long lasting
  • Concentrated aroma
  • Detectable by deer from hundreds of yards away
  • Great for attracting game to your camera setups
  • Works in any season
  • Effective even in rain and snow
  • Made in Texas
  • Made by Elusive Wildlife
  • 16 Ounce Bottle