16650 Battery Extender For AGM Rattler - on sale! (read disclaimer before purchase)

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Allows you to use Keeppower 2100mah rechargeable batteries 16650 batteries instead of CR123 batteries. Run times will vary with each model of scope. It will only work properly with the black Keeppower 21000mah batteries!

  • Fits all Rattler TS and TC models



This is a use at your own risk device. It is your responsibility to install your batteries properly and then install the cap properly as well. Installing them backwards CAN/WILL result in damage to your scope. Feral Texas Outdoors nor 3D Night Vision are not responsible for any damage caused by improper use. By Buying this product you’re agreeing that we are not responsible for any damage to your product. Installing this product does invalidate your warranty and must be removed if product is sent into AGM for other repairs. You may have to cover the cost of repair of the unit. If you need to see the legal notice check out our policy page. 

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